VST3 support in Linux?

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Re: VST3 support in Linux?

Postby Linuxmusician01 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 12:47 pm

tavasti wrote:
JamesPeters wrote:It's doubtful any DAW will include support for VST plugins made for a different OS. It can be enough hassle for the devs of a DAW to keep up with compatibility of plugins which are written for that OS, let alone including bridging to plugins meant for a different OS.

This is mostly true, but LMMS is abnormal observation. It has vestige, which works only for windows VSTs. LMMS does not have support for Linux VSTs unless it is compiled with carla.

I guess that whole LMMS and Vesige thing got me believing that there might be a DAW that supports a plugin format from another OS. Qtractor appears to support Win32 VST's out of the box, but that's via DSSI ("Dizzy"). I hope that Carla will support it one day and that LinVST3 will keep on being developed.

I might ask the Carla dev, who recently left this forum, about Windows-VST3 support in Linux-Carla in the foreseeable future in his own forum/IRC (dunno what he's got).

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Re: VST3 support in Linux?

Postby rghvdberg » Sun Nov 10, 2019 9:31 pm


Oh and vst3 will likely not be in Ardpur 6.0 but a bit later

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Re: VST3 support in Linux?

Postby luciorgomes » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:03 am


Hello. Do you plan to implement Windows VST3 support into a future version of Linux-Carla? Because that would mean that we can use our paid VST's easily in Linux.

it is already implemented

Really? That's great. As of which version of the Linux version of Carla? And is it very experimental or just as good as Windows-VST2 in Linux-Carla support?

I am not sure tbh, the implementation comes from juce
let me update carla-git packages so we are sure this is all fresh

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