mlockall error starting Guitarix from Gladish

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mlockall error starting Guitarix from Gladish

Postby dmgeurts » Sat Jun 08, 2019 10:37 am

I've installed Ubuntu Studio 18.04 on a new laptop, compiled the latest version of Guitarix. And now I'm moving my old config files over and have discovered Gladish rather than using scripts in Qjackctl to start a session. However I've hit a snag when starting Guitarix from Gladish, I get an mlockall error unless I select run in teminal. the error means it only runs hx_head_amp and not gx_head_fx.

Is I set it to run in terminal I end up with a superfluous terminal screen and a system warning that Guitarix terminated unexpectedly, which it didn't but Gladish seems to think so. For now I can ignore the errors, but I'd really like a way to resolve the mlockall error and run Guitarix directly. The domain no longer exists, so it seems (g)ladish is orphaned?

Has anyone come up against the same issue? Suggestions for possible solutions?

Tried so far:
- LADI run level makes no difference
- Starting Guitarix from a simple script make no difference

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