Studio 13.37 3.3 "Hiro Protagonist"

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Studio 13.37 3.3 "Hiro Protagonist"

Postby 10wt3ch » Fri Jul 19, 2019 12:01 pm


Studio 13.37 3.3 - code-named "Hiro Protagonist" - is released.

Leaner, smaller, faster. New realtime kernel. Many improvements under the hood. Looks awesome, from boot to shutdown. Perfect for all you hacker/musicians out there. :D

New optional .zip download (just extract to a usb stick). Improved EFI support w/ graphics. WINE-rt-4.1 for maximum cross-platform compatibility (both 64-bit and 32-bit), and wineasio pre-configured, for using Windows programs in realtime mode at the kernel level - in case you need to use a VST, or something. Studio 13.37 is unrivaled in cross-platform capability out-of-the-box. Featuring an enhanced realtime kernel with the precision to control an industrial laser, and running purely in RAM, Studio 13.37 is tuned for maximum performance.

More powerful than Windows. Better than Apple. Cooler than Ubuntu. Badass, beautiful, and occasionally profound...

Freedom awaits!


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