Granular Convolver - Raspberry Pi, custom Linux, SuperCollider

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Granular Convolver - Raspberry Pi, custom Linux, SuperCollider

Postby khz » Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:44 pm wrote:The device allows you to record sounds and slice them into small fragments referred to as grains. Once a sound is recorded, you can convolve the grains with any live input you care to send into the device. Essentially folding two signals, the instrument works to breed completely new sounds. With 20 recording slots and the ability to change the size of the grain and the point at which the recording starts from, the sonic combinations are endless. wrote:The Raspberry Pi is actually running Linux, custom Linux that we made for this guy, that boots up quickly ’cause you don’t wanna wait for 30, 40 seconds, 50 seconds for the Convolver to start.
The computer is connected to the soundcard and this is where the whole audio stuff happens. Audio in goes into the computer, is processed, and goes out again. You can imagine this like your DAW, your computer, and between input and output we placed a software called SuperCollider, open-source software, which is operating a script. You can imagine it’s like a plugin between input and output that processes all the sound and runs the algorithm, which is controlled by the interface, which we have here.

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