Use linux and NON DAW

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Use linux and NON DAW

Postby apehuf » Thu Nov 12, 2015 8:49 pm

Hi all.
I'm totally new to this forum and linux.
I have no clue how to use linux but I'd like to be able to play about on "NON-Timeline" DAW, since I've heard its a simple program and need something basic to get me back into making music.
The only problem is that I have no idea how to get it and I would very-much like someone to tell me step by step what to do as if I had the mental capacity of a toddler since I've always used windows.

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Re: Use linux and NON DAW

Postby tavasti » Tue Feb 16, 2016 9:23 am

More info about Non:

Non is not mainstream app, and therefore it's not found packaged in most distributions.

KXStudio has it packaged, so if you are using Debian / Ubuntu, you'll get it there. I thinks also Arch has it.

And for Non-daw, indeed it's simple as of not containing bells and whistles. However, using it may not be simplest task. For example, after editing your recordings, you can't export it to wav-file. Instead you play it throu mixer app (containing effects, etc), and from mixer you record your masterpiece.
For recording you can use non-daw, and find your recording from NSM\ Sessions/YOUR-SESSION-NAME/Non-DAW.nXXXX/sources. Or record that to audacity?

I personally like Non, but since it's not very common, getting help for it is not so easy. You can't find tutorial video on youtube, etc. Non mailinglist is helpfull:

For using Non, you need to know jack audio routing. Sure, for most of the linux audio programs, that's same thing.

For basic workflow for recording & mixing audio with Non, you probably want to:

- Start non-session-manager
- Start non-timeline, non-mixer from there
- Start patchage / qjackctl to make audio routings

Then maybe recording audio directly to non-timeline, edit it, mix it with mixer. I personally get my beats from Hydrogen, and synth melodies with non-sequencer. Nice thing in Non is properly done jack integration. Pressing Play/Record on non-timeline will start hydrogen & sequencer, all in sync. That way, you don't need to record drums or synths to non-timeline, because you can mix them in just on final stage (if you want).
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